Materials Science Workshop, University of New Hampshire, 10/13/04

Atoms and molecules: the building blocks of nanotechnology.
Atomically and time resolved imaging of strained metallic interfaces by Variable-Temperature STM

Bogdan Diaconescu, Georgi Nenchev, and Karsten Pohl

Strained metallic interfaces can lead to highly ordered arrays of misfit dislocations that can be used as a patterning technique for growing arrays of clusters with specific size and densities. The symmetry and dimensions of the dislocation lattice are predicted to depend strongly on the interfacial stress in these metallic strained layers therefore atomically resolved imaging of the dislocation networks is mandatory for understanding of stress induced relaxation processes. The dynamics of corrosion-induced clusters on the defects sites in monolayer thick Ag film on Ru(0001) provides information about the stability and the elastic constants of 2D nano-templates. An overview of the new home built Variable Temperature STM and its performance will be given by studies of self-organization of nanoclusters on Au(111) and Ag and S etched clusters on Ag on Ru(0001) at different thicknesses.