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Dr. Jiebing Sun has received this year's Morton M. Traum Award at the 55th International Symposium of the American Vacuum Society in October in Boston, for the best student paper based on work leading to a Ph.D. thesis.

Jiebing's presentation was entitled "3D concentration and structure maps of heterogeneous surfaces determined by LEEM-IV analysis," in which he explored the fundamental driving forces of heterogeneity in ultrathin films on crystalline surfaces and interfaces by low energy electron microscopy and multiple electron scattering theory.


Recent highlight

We have discovered a new collective electronic excitation on metallic surfaces, predicted by theory. Together with our collaborators in Italy, Denmark, and Spain we measured and explained the dispersion of an acoustic surface plasmon on the (0001) surface of beryllium.

Nature 448, 57 (2007)

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Current Research:

Variable Temperature STM

Low Energy Electron Microscopy

Directed Self-Assembly of Nanotemplates

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